Feeds are compiled only with the help of XML-language.
Requirements for feeds creating:

  • Do not submit the same ad. It is punishable by sanctions from the resource administration;
  • Feeds are posted only relevant proposals into that are presented on the site;
  • Apply maximum parameters to each ad;
  • HTML-code is not valid as in the descriptions of the proposals and in the proposals;
  • The price must be specified correctly and be valid.
  • Feeds should include only parameters entered by the user. For example, when the site calculates the coordinates of the property in the automatic mode, the parameters of this service cannot be transferred;
  • When a user submitting the ad does not specify the parameters, there is no need of tag writing.


The option is available only for the «Shopping/Business». In order to obtain the function «Import/Export» of the ads, it is required to provide the application with such a request while signed — «XML — upload».

When a request is moderated, you will have a tab enabling this function in your account.

In order to examine the valid format of feeds, you can download templates for certain categories.