Sales improving

After posting ads on, you will want to attract maximum number of the potential customers. Using this article as a note, you will increase the chances to attract the customers, and to sell your goods within the shortest possible time. You can use tools, for example, sales via the social networks; increase the views and clicks as well.

1. Ads’ titles – no more than 100 characters.

This is one of the most important moments for the search systems, which primarily refer to title. The more serious you react to the writing of the title, the more chances you have to increase sales not only via, but, generally, via the Internet.

Bad example: Forks, spoons, range of plates.

A good example: Great forks, spoons from the best manufacturers.

2. Descriptions to proposals. It should be attractive and complete.

The more time you spend on description, the more chances to sell your goods. Do not avoid filling in all of the characteristics and parameters. If you give the complete description of the product, highlighting its particular advantages, it will greatly increase customers’ interest to your advertisement.

Never use the ready description from the Internet, as this will lead to the fact that the search robots will not see the text, and, therefore, people will not see your ad. Remember that all ads are made for people and the cuter it is, the higher probability you have to sell within the shortest terms.

Bad example: Fork shop, great forks, a huge range of forks. The best forks – only here!

A good example: Sale of a fork set of 12 pieces. The material is Nickel silver. Made in Germany. A great option for special dinners.

3. Cost value. The proposal should have the correct price.

The client will always better perceive the proper price. This is the main factor influencing the decision of the client.

If you do not know what cost value you should put into your offer, please, explore the market and determine the average cost. In the case when your ad has no response for a long time, you should reconsider the pricing policy. Try lowering the value as much as you think is necessary.

The price should be exactly the same for the price of your proposal.

Bad example: You sell cutlery, indicating the value of 1 or 1.000.000 RUB. This is a serious error, as the potential customer will not take seriously your offer because the price is clearly dubious in both cases.

Good example: Set the real value of the goods, for example, 2500 RUB, and this price you are willing to sell.

4. Images. Post only high-quality photos.

You must add at least one image that will show the product. If you upload several photos, it will increase the chance to sell. Keep in mind that the images should be of high-quality and real.

Try to make photos from different angles showing product in maximum.

5. Address addition will increase the chances to sell.

When the ad creating, check whether you have an access to the address field, where to pick up your goods. This is important because the client always tries to buy not only where it is cheaper, but where closer as well.

You do not need to specify all the data, for example, apartment number. Just enter the street and house, saying other settings in personal communication. This particularly relates to home addresses.

6. A detailed explanation of the conditions. Specify the important points regarding the transaction.

Specify the conditions for payment (possible ways of payment) and delivery.

7. Share your ads in social networks. Your ads placement in the social networks is very effective for your offers.

If your friends will do reposts, the ad will be distributed in maximum. Also, consider the point that the use of social networks speeds up the indexing of your proposals. This means that your offer will be promptly investigated by search robots and will appear on the web.

The more social networks will be used for the advertising, the more chances there are to increase sales. The fact that each social network has its own categories of users by age and interests, and thus, you will increase the number of potential buyers.


If you place ads in Vkontakte, be sure that the access is opened to view by the users that are not authorized. This is done not only for humans but also for search-robots who cannot get to the ad page if the access is denied.

We have provided a convenient repost system with the integrated social networks buttons on our website. You just need to press the button of the required social network and your ad will appear on your page in the social network or group.

Submission of ads is only part of a successful way of the proposals implementing, take time and effort for its popularization. resource hopes that our tips will help you in the fast implementation of your proposals. If you wish to maximize the probability of your proposal purchase, use the extra opportunities of the site.