Ads adding procedure onto is an online platform specializing in the ads placement. Customers post their own advertising, pointing out all the necessary information and placing them in the appropriate sections. This information must comply with not only rules but the laws of the Russian Federation as well.

Here we have placed the list of goods that cannot be placed on the site. The Administrative body of the resource may change this list.


  1. Everything that is withdrawn from the civil circulation, in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation. This includes: weapons, a variety of dangerous objects, toxic items, explosive and radioactive items, pornography, narcotic and psychotropic agents;
  2. Securities of the third parties;
  3. Services\products that are defamatory for reputation;
  4. Adulterated money and postage marks;
  5. Forms of the strict reporting;
  6. Applicable passes or documents of the state importance;
  7. tems that violate morality and public order according to the legislation of the Russian Federation;
  8. Speculation of currency notes, excluding the numismatic transactions;
  9. Spam in any form, which leads to the unauthorized distribution;
  10. Everything related to course, diploma and other works. Including the services in this field;
  11. State awards;
  12. Weapons of any kind, including copies and ammunition;
  13. Medicines which may be sold only on prescription;
  14. Everything that breaks the privacy of the personal life, affecting the dignity, honor and other human rights;
  15. Everything that can break the commercial, banking or state information;
  16. Medicines and equipment which cannot be used without special training;
  17. Any medical services;
  18. Alcohol and ethyl alcohol;
  19. Military-type equipment and everything connected with it, including spare parts, equipment, materials, normative and technical products;
  20. Everything that has Nazi symbols;
  21. Articles made of hides or the hides of animals under threat of extinction;
  22. Flora and fauna, protected by international treaties, flora and fauna as well as their organs or parts, which are listed in the IUCN Red List;
  23. Tobacco products, items for smoking mixtures and tobacco, including electronic options;
  24. The equipment used for alcohol brewing;
  25. Battle honors like the Soviet Union, the Russian Federation. Symbols and medals of the veterans;
  26. Services / goods which are not demanded by consumers or do not exist;
  27. Erotic products, pornography, erotic, and all that is connected with it;
  28. Offer of sexual services, as well as suggestions to work in this field;
  29. Data with personal information;
  30. Surrogacy maternity;
  31. Everything associated with the replacement of the licensed software or breach of the work at the various gadgets (smartphones, phones, computers, etc.). Including procedures for firmware replacing, unlocking, etc.;
  32. Purchasing of the accounts of any Internet resources, instant messengers, games, services of online-type, etc.;
  33. A variety of services\products that violate the laws of the Russian Federation, in accordance with a prohibition or restriction:
  • The goods require a state registration, but do not have it;
  • No certificates for products or services, which must be in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation;
  • Which require special. permits, certificates for their distribution or manufacturing but there are no;
  • Everything associated with alcohol;
  • Spirituality, mysticism, witchcraft, hypnosis, magic, paranormal phenomena and others.