The same Ads placement is under ban users have repeatedly made sure that our site gives a guarantee that all posted ads are not only unique, but also relevant. Statistics shows that almost every proposal is implemented for a couple of days, but only if all the rules for placement have been followed.

It should be understood that the republication of the ads with the same contents will not speed up the process of the proposal implementation, but on the contrary, complicate it, and will lead not only to ads, but to also the user blocking.

Attention! prohibits you to place the same proposals. Regular neglecting of this rule will result not only into the ads blocking, but also into your account without the right of restoring as well.

Duplicates are:

  • The same titles;
  • The same phrases or replacement the words with synonyms.
  • The same images.


The expired ad will be considered as a duplicate as well even if it is not restored. Restore function is available in your account.

It will appear again in the top list of the ads and will not be recognized as a duplicate proposal.