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FIBRAN protein coat with SEC processing

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FIBRAN is a protein sausage casing made from high-quality collagen obtained from a split of cattle skins. It happens direct and ring type. The casing is suitable for the production of all types of sausages and sausages: raw, smoked, cooked smoked, half-smoked and cooked sausages, poultry products. Filling and clipping of the shell is carried out on all types of automatic and semi-automatic equipment. SEC processing is recommended in the production of all types of sausages. SEC treatment prevents mold on the product during production and further storage. In the Russian market, it is most often used for uncooked and dry-cured sausages. The casing is supplied pre-moistened and ready for use, packed in sealed bags. Express and SEC processing shells can be printed.
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Fibran is the Spanish manufacturer of food casings. Since 1953 the company has ma...

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