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Collagen protein "Protomax C"

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Select industry: Food industry feedstock 
Condition: New 
The properties: Композиция нативного говяжьего белка коллагенового типа обогащенная растительными пищевыми волокнами, с хорошими влагосвявающими и эмульгируюшими свойствами: гель от 1:4 до 1:10, БЖЭ холодная эмульсия 1:8:8, гранулы (горячий способ) 1:9. Универсален в применении: рубленные полуфабрикаты, колбасная продукция, в шприцовочных рассолах. 
Animal Proteins Protomax is a line of universal beef native collagen proteins designed to meet the basic market requirements for animal proteins. The products of this series are intended for use in the meat industry as the main protein raw material and stabilizer of the structure of all types of sausages, whole muscle delicatessen products, natural and chopped semi-finished products. Animal proteins “Protomax” have a high moisture-binding ability – 1: 10-15, fat-emulsifying ability-1: 15: 15 and granule-forming ability 1:10. Protomax does not have an E-index and its presence in the product formulation does not require putting it on the Protomax C label - beef collagen protein with the addition of specially selected dietary fiber, which makes it possible to obtain a more balanced product with organoleptic and physicochemical properties. reduce the cost of the product without losing its functional properties. The product also has several standard fractions — long-fiber, medium-fiber, and short-fiber, and in its functional properties is similar to the Protomax A protein.
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