Machines for Scalding and Dehairing

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The departments of processing pork carcasses use the machines for scalding and dehairing. They help to prepare raw materials for further processing quickly and with a high quality. You are able to find such equipment on Foodbay. Installations with different specifications and configurations are offered here.

Why are machines for scalding and dehairing neededMachines for Scalding and Dehairing

Automation of processing of pork carcasses accelerates the work of a department and raises its quality. Several types of equipment are used for doing this:

  • Scalding vats;
  • Dehairing machines;
  • Dehairing devices;
  • Installations for scalding of carcasses and dehairing.

The processing of carcasses is needed for further cutting after cattle killing. The main task during working with pork is to get rid of hair. The more correct this process is performed, the better the quality of raw materials received by the producer will be. The use of machines with different configurations for scalding the carcasses and dehairing facilitate this process.

Scalding vats are used for scalding the carcasses before dehairing. They are equipped with a heating element that brings the water to the desired temperature. Usually they are sold together with a dehairing machine. Dehairing devices are designed for comprehensive processing of carcasses. In addition to scalding, they perform dehairing and clean the skin from soot, if needed. The devices can be integrated into comprehensive lines for primary processing of carcasses.

How to purchase machines for scalding of carcasses and dehairing

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