Industrial Frying Pan

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Public catering organizations use special cooking equipment. It differs from household appliances by its large capacities and possibilities. An industrial frying pan is used for cooking of fried foods, poaching and stewing of products. Such products can be found in snack bars serving pies, cafes, canteens.

An electric industrial frying panIndustrial Frying Pan

Professional kitchen equipment is installed independently or integrated into the production line. An electric frying pan is designed for equipping of industrial public catering enterprises. The majority of equipment units are provided with a bowl which can be made of cast iron or stainless steel. Its top is covered by a lid with a holding mechanism. This allows you to fix it in the desired position.

Electric frying pans differ from each other in the following indicators:

  • Dimensions;
  • operating voltage;
  • power;
  • bowl capacity.

There is a possibility to adjust the temperature ranging from 20 to 300 degrees Celsius. Some models are provided with a temperature limiter protecting the device from overheating. Depending on the method of removal, bowls are either revertible or with the drain emptying. In the first version there are two design options: electric powered and manual reversion. For this purpose a lever-screw mechanism is embedded inside the pan casing. In case of manual reversal a steering wheel is used, and in case of an electric one you just push a button. This simplifies emptying of the reservoir from residual fat and reduces the time needed for sanitary treatment.

Efficient and fast heating of the surface is provided by the heating elements attached to the bottom. Using the devices with multiple heating spots, you can simultaneously cook several different dishes.

Where to buy an industrial frying pan

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