The homemade gourmet foods of meat require the equipment operating by a pressing principle. You will find a wide range of these on the web site. A mold for hams and other gourmet foods is in demand both at meat processing plants and in everyday life.

Which mold for meat is it better to buyMolds for ham

The model range of molds for cooking of ham is very wide. Products are made from aluminum alloy, have a Teflon cover. The shapes of the obtained meat briquettes are rather diverse:

  • Cylinder;
  • rectangle;
  • horseshoe;
  • heart;
  • piglet;
  • chicken;
  • wave;
  • circle.

The weight of a sausage link ranges from 0.3 to 3.0 kg. It is better to buy the molds for meat of a small compact size for household use. Large production units purchase the machines with a volume of 3.2 liters, as well as the packaging equipment where up to 20 products can be cooked during one cycle.

The process of cooking gourmet foods in household or industrial conditions includes simultaneous heat treatment and pressing. Ham in the machine is brewed and compressed by special springs. The temperature in the machine is kept at the level of no higher than 80° C. All operating components of a mold are made of stainless steel and have no negative impact on the taste of meat. Depending on the recipe, salt and spices are added to the product. The casing of these machines is also made of stainless steel or plastic with silicone.

The price of domestic machines is lower than that of imported ones, and the quality is at the same high level. By purchasing a Russian mold for ham an enterprise can save a significant amount of money.

The most popular brands of ham-making machines are Tescoma and Redmond. Many models are equipped with thermometers for process control, have several programs by which you can prepare sausages, boiled salted pork, meat loafs.

Where to buy a mold for ham

The web site contains the advertisements on the sale of the molds for hams of domestic and foreign manufacturers. You can check the prices, download  price-lists, examine the equipment specifications and choose the machine which is the most suitable for the specific conditions of a certain enterprise.