Breading Equipment

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The equipment for breading is often used in the manufacturing of semi-finished and finished products. It is also used for cooking vegetables, meat and other food products. Breading materials that are usually used include dry and liquid mixtures. That is why breading machines may have different design.

What equipment is used for breadingBreading Equipment

Two types of materials are used for application of covering mixtures: liaison and dry coating. The first alternative is cooked as a mixture of water and eggs. Sometimes other ingredients are added. Dry breading often consists of ground breadcrumbs, flour. They cover products after application of liaison or independently. The equipment provides high-quality covering of semi-finished products from all sides. In order to save the material, what is left returns to the line after processing of products. Thus a closed transportation cycle is created

Depending on the material, there are three types of breading equipment:

  • For dry breading. Such machines are often included into automated lines. They are designed for applying dry crumbs or flour to the chopped, molded semi-finished products;
  • For liquid breading. The device can also be built into a line for the manufacture of semi-finished products. In addition to the liaison, these machines treat products with soft dough and marinade;
  • For breading of mixed type. These machines allow to cook semi-finished products with application of two kinds of breading materials: dry and liquid.

Breading gives an attractive look to the product, retains all its taste qualities after heat treatment.

As far as the equipment interacts with the products, its parts are made of high-quality stainless materials. In order to facilitate cleaning and processing of installations, manufacturers made it possible to dismantle the major parts of the machine.

Where to purchase the equipment for covering semi-finished products with breading

You can buy or sell any device for food industry on the FoodBay web site. There are various types of breading installations there. If there is no desired equipment, you can always post a request for purchasing of the required installation. The web site sells both new and used installations.