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  • 27 July 2016, номер: 18716

Kneading machine VMI 2330

Select industry: Bread-making and confectionary equipment 
Condition: New 
Recommended for kneading high humidity dough, ideal for the production of French baguette. These dough mixing machines are equipped with rolling bowls, which allows you to ferment and mold the dough without interrupting the production process. Kneading machines can be combined with elevators for emptying the bowls. Strong, reliable, with many options, Kneading machines of this group are faithful allies in a fairly large-scale production of traditional bread. Productivity by test kg. From 54 to 160 kg. Power 5.5 kW Head lift Hydraulics Bowl drive No Versions Phebus fork Options Stainless steel bowl Reversible fork forks 2 stainless steel horns 3 fork horns (n / s or aluminum) MAH models: lockable bowl, time and speed programming
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In the world of kneading and mixing, the French brand VMI is undoubtedly one of those companies that...
can boast a long and eventful history. VMI mixers and blenders are the result of decades of inventions and improvements, many of which will forever remain in history as milestones, marking the great achievements of designers of their time. Today's VMI employees are working hard to perpetuate the company's great history and be able to supply small bakeries and large enterprises with high-end kneading equipment.
Nantes, VMI Pétrins et Mélangeurs Z.I. Nord 85607 MONTAIGU Cedex France
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VMI is undoubtedly the company can boast, in the world of mixing and blending, about the longest ...

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