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Conveyor teflon fryer Berief Dubra 1/600

Select industry: Meat industry 
Condition: New 
Type: Electricity 
Scope Frying, cooking, browning meat, fish, poultry, processed products of eggs, bacon, pizza, portioned meat, sliced meat (slices), vegetables, potato products. How it works The product is laid out between two Teflon conveyor belts and fried on both sides during the passage between them. Due to the presence of its own fat in the product, the addition of oil or other similar means is not required. Heating system Two surfaces with thermal oil heating (maximum temperature = 280⁰С). Electric heating elements and circulation pumps are mounted in the system. It is possible to separately control the lower and upper frying surfaces. Control system PLC control system with digital input and display for setting the temperature of frying surfaces with the function of manually setting the cooking time (from 30 seconds to 4 minutes). Options System for cleaning frying surfaces.
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BERIEF company specializes in the engineering and manufacture of equipment for the preparation of re...
ady-made dishes: roasting plants, cooking boilers, lines for the production of soups and sauces, stirrers, units for preparing Asian dishes, homogenizers. BERIEF is also developing new products and technologies, conducting numerous tests in its own experimental workshop. The BERIEF brand is to achieve the home-like taste of the final product!
Gyutercloh, Lange Straße 63-67 59329 Wadersloh-Diestedde Germany
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For the past 60 years the German company BERIEF GMBH has successful manufactured ...

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