Carving knives

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Personnel needs high-quality tools for cutting meat at the meat manufactures, in cutting departments and enterprises producing semi-finished meat products. Carving and skinning knives, boning blades and meat axes, cleavers and other types of tools must meet certain criteria. This is a necessary condition for ensuring the speed, safety and reliable operation of an enterprise.

Professional knives for carving meat - criteria and requirementsCarving knives

A good tool is the one that not only provides comfortable and unfatiguing work of an employee, but also greatly affects the performance of the enterprise. The range of prices on knives for cutting carcasses allows you to choose optimum alternatives, taking into account the existing parameters. Therefore, there are special requirements to the quality of blades for industrial processing:

  • The blade’s material is high-carbon stainless steel withstanding prolonged mechanical impact, as well as the impact of active substances and high temperature upon washing;
  • The shape of the blade, as well as its length, is selected with allowance for the required tasks and may vary;
  • A comfortable handle provides a tight and secure grip;

Similar parameters must be observed with regard to kitchen knives for carving, cleavers, hunting swords and other blades. If you want to buy the knives for carving meat, use them in the household and in agriculture, for cooking, fishing and hunting, your approach to the search should be a responsible one.

The tool should be well sharpened; with rough surface of the handle material is better to prevent slipping, and the handle itself must have a sufficient length that protects the palm from accidental contact with the blade. Carving and skinning knives with the length from 15 to 30 cm with a narrow blade directed upwards are meant for the processing of carcasses, boning. A wide, straight knife with a length of up to 36 cm with a rounded blade point is used for the purpose of to cutting steaks and other products.

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