Tools for Cutting and Deboning

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So that to buy the equipment for cutting meat, you need to know what kind of raw materials you’ll work with. The carcasses of cattle and poultry need different tools. If cutting of poultry can only be performed only by a knife, you need special tools for large animals. You can find the tools you need on the Foodbay web site.

What tools are needed for cutting meat Tools for Cutting and Deboning

After killing the carcasses of cattle and pigs are sent to cutting departments. The task of their personnel is to separate meat from bones and sort raw materials.

The following things are used for this purpose:

  • Hydraulic shears;
  • knives for hide pulling;
  • devices for extraction of ribs;
  • tongs for opening the chest;
  • tongs for opening the skull;
  • a guillotine separating the horns, etc.

After killing the carcasses are divided into cuts by using stationary and portable saws. Then the equipment for deboning and trimming of meat is applied. The first process is meant for separating the flesh from the bones. Hydraulic and pneumatic devices used for this simplify manual labor.

The purpose of trimming is the removal of tendons, films, the remaining bones and impurities. The quality of the finished product depends on this process. Tools used for this purpose must be sharp enough. The blades of the cutting elements made of high-carbon steel meet the highest requirements.

The main objective of all processes is to obtain high quality products with a minimum amount of waste. The sharper the cutting tools are, the smaller number of cuts will be left on the flesh. The final stage of processing is the distribution of products into grades, taking their characteristics into account.

You can purchase the necessary equipment at the Foodbay web site. It offers the products of the following brands: EFA, Freund, etc.

Where to buy tools for meat deboning

Foodbay is a specialized Internet resource used by its visitors for posting free advertisements on the sale of goods. Here you can find the right equipment for meat processing departments. The web site presents tools for deboning of carcasses of different types and purpose. Visitors can view the available information about the manufacturer of the product and its characteristics.