Slaughter and dressing

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The highly specialized Foodbay Internet platform offers to sell or buy equipment for killing of cattle and poultry, using the opportunities for building partnership relations with the help of our service. It is the place where the offers on the sale of technological equipment and machines for meat industry enterprises are posted.

Equipment for cattle killing and carcass cutting department

Technological equipment for killing of cattle and poultry should be chosen taking into account the selected technologies and production designs, processing methods used in departments, as well as profitability. Maximum automation of processes that was made possible with the help of modern devices, butchering equipment, killing and cutting systems, primary and further processing of meat and poultry, re-processing and a series of other operations provide a high degree of return and performance upon intensive operation.Equipment for slaughter

The Foodbay platform presents the following equipment categories:

  • Automated lines for killing cattle;
  • Cutting saws;
  • Automated systems for cutting and deboning;
  • Band saws;
  • Trimmers;
  • Automated systems for scalding of carcasses and dehairing;
  • Complexes of additional equipment.

All the presented systems and equipment are professional high-tech systems from world’s leading manufacturers. The range of application of this equipment is wide: from small meat-processing departments to large manufacturing companies.

Features of the sale and purchase of equipment for cattle killing and primary processing

Users who are interested in the equipment for cutting meat and other systems involved in the meat industry presented at the web platform can contact the author of the advertisement through the provided communication form for clarification of certain issues.