Minced meat preparation

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The preparation of minced meat requires the use of specialized equipment. Depending on the production technology of minced meat, various modifications of installations are applied. An important aim of their application is to achieve homogeneity by mixing various ingredients. Minced meat production is performed at public catering organizations, hypermarkets, sausage departments, meat processing enterprises, food factories.

The importance of the use of the equipment for minced meat manufacturingMinced meat preparation

Flavor profiles of final products are directly related to the technological process, namely, the quality of mixing of raw materials. It is difficult to achieve high performance indicators by executing this procedure manually.

Two kinds of equipment to produce the semi-finished products are used nowadays:

  • Vacuum (closed);
  • Open.

The main advantages of the closed minced meat mixers include:

  • Receiving the minced meat of high density;
  • fixed coloring of the final product;
  • a longer storage term of the final product.

Particularly important functions are laid upon the mixing mechanism. These may be Z-shaped constructions, as well as screw-type, spiral, paddle-type ones.

Paddle-type modifications are fit for more intensive mixing of ingredients. They are used for production of such meat products as hams and sausages.

The production of minced meat with the help of spiral installations is useful with lumpy meat.

Screw-type equipment is suitable for liquid mixtures and is characterized by careful mixing.

If you need equipment, namely, a meat grinder for shredding or a minced meat production line, then you must pay attention to many specifications.

The production of minced meat as the main company’s activity.

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