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Cheese melter 50l

2 490 909 Р.

28 388$

26 012€

Condition: New 
Volume: 100 l
Designed for mixing components and melting cheese in the production of processed cheese. The cheese melter has a conical body around which a “panel shirt” is concentrically located, and inside, along the body axis, a blade-type kneading device with scrapers is installed, which ensures effective mixing of the molten mass and prevents its sticking on the inner surface of the melter body. Removal of the finished product is carried out from the top of the cheese melter. The cheese mass is heated by supplying steam to the cylindrical "shirt" of the melter. The product temperature inside the melter is measured with a thermocouple. The lid - hatch located on top of the housing has a lock for component loading that disables the motor gearbox in case the hatch opens during operation of the melter. The cheese melter is made of food grade AISI 304 stainless steel, all seams are ground and welded with argon-arc welding with blowing. Power consumption 2 kW / h.
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