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  • 9 June 2016, номер: 14356

Homogenizers with a cooling (heating) jacket.

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Select industry: Ketchups and mayonnaises 
Condition: New 
Additional Information: Oфис ПО "Агромаш" адрес: 119192, г. Москва, Ломоносовский проспект д.25 к.1 тел.: +7(495) 510-90-19, 780-72-98, 797-56-75 
The homogenizer is designed to homogenize media that are not allowed to overheat. Coolant is supplied to the jacket, which cools the layer in contact with the product in a circulating manner. Shirt heating is used to homogenize media that harden (or become more viscous) even at room temperature. (chocolate, icing, cream, paste, etc.). Also for those environments in which the growth (death) of bacteria is characteristic with an increase (decrease) in temperature and vice versa
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