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Dough rounder "Voskhod-TO-8 SCOUT"

1 Р.



Select industry: Bread-making and confectionary equipment 
Condition: New 
Additional Information: +38 (0522) 30-89-20; 30-89-21 
Power: 0.3 kW
Productivity max: 1000 
Dimensions (L x W x H), mm: 550х562х390 
Weight: 38 kg
The budget dough rounder Voskhod TO-8 is designed to create a homogeneous structure of dough pieces, seal surface pores and give the pieces a spherical shape for wheat dough products. Recommended for use: - in culinary, restaurants, bars, canteens, cafes - in factory-kitchens, food processing plants - in areas for the production of bakery and confectionery products of retail chains - in small bakeries - in laboratories of bakeries and bakeries. Dough rounder "Voskhod-TO-8 Scout" can be used both separately and together with the dough divider. Principle of operation: A test piece is manually or from a dough divider fed to the inner surface of the bowl (in the loading zone of the test pieces). The dough piece is rounded moving between a stationary bowl and a cone making planetary-rotational movements. The design of the rounding device provides: - a rounding mechanism - aluminum casting with release coating - a stainless unloading chute - high-precision machining of parts to ensure reliability and durability of work - an emergency stop button to ensure personnel safety during operation - a case - stainless steel.
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