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Dough rounder CRV KTM 3

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Select industry: Bread-making and confectionary equipment 
Condition: New 
Additional Information: +38 (0522) 30-89-20; 30-89-21 
Dough rounder (dough rounder) - used to round dough pieces. The rounder provides high productivity and helps to compact and increase the porosity of the dough, which improves the quality of bakery products. During rounding, irregularities on the surface of a piece of dough are smoothed out, pores are erased, a film is created that subsequently (when proofing) retains carbon dioxide well inside the dough, improves porosity. Rounding facilitates the formation of blanks, as it is easy to obtain a blank of the desired shape from a spherical piece of dough. The adjustment allows you to set the minimum clearance between the sections of the gutter and cone, as well as adjust the angle of inclination of the surface of the sections of the gutter relative to the surface of the cone. At the exit, a rounded dough piece is sprinkled with flour, which eliminates its adhesion. The case consists of stainless steel, not subject to corrosion. The cone and the rotating spiral are made of aluminum. Flouring (3 kg hopper.). Economical power consumption. Easy to clean and handle parts. The machine is equipped with wheels, which makes its free movement possible.
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