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Aeration and mixing complex

2 930 000 Р.

47 384.70$

42 762.11€

Select industry: Bread-making and confectionary equipment 
Condition: New 
The aerator is a fundamentally new technological system for homogenizing the product under conditions of complete tightness. This technology, which allows the production of new exclusive products, ensures long shelf life of the product, improves the quality of the mass, increases its volume and plasticity, which helps to improve the shaping of the mass and the accuracy of dosage. RUDA aeration and mixing complex - is intended for mixing and saturation with purified air, homogenization, foaming, imparting "airiness", maintaining the set temperature: - biscuit; - marshmallow; - chocolate; - cream masses; Marshmallow -cookie desserts; -different dairy products; - ice cream; yogurt; mousse; -Wafer fillings, etc. We will select the equipment depending on the needs of the client. For all questions, please contact by phone indicated in the ad or email.
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