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Submersible homogenizer

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Select industry: Ketchups and mayonnaises 
Condition: New 
Additional Information: г. Москва, Ломоносовский проспект д.25 к.1 тел.: +7(495) 510-90-19, 780-72-98, 797-56-75 
The PNH submersible homogenizer is intended for the homogenization of liquid and viscous products in the food, cosmetic and chemical industries, for the preparation of mayonnaise, meat, fruit, vegetable pastes, mashed potatoes, syrups, and can also be used for the preparation of water-based paints and other similar media. Device. The submersible homogenizer is mounted on the platform of the lifting device and can be freely moved along the vertical rail using the control panel. The submersible homogenizer is equipped with a gear motor, is mounted on the walls and placed in a container. The advantages of an immersion homogenizer are the absence of mechanical seals and binding pipelines, and as a result, the ability to work at high temperatures, mobility, the ability to immerse the homogenizer in containers of any size. The submersible homogenizer can be understaffed with a speed converter, the installation of which allows to increase the speed of rotation. Parts in contact with the processed product are made of chrome nickel steel.
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