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Syringe vacuum COMPO-MAXI 3000-10, 3000-11, 3000-12, 3000-13

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Select industry: Meat industry, Dairy industry 
Year of issue: 2019 
Condition: New 
Additional Information: Шприц вакуумный двухвинтового типа «КОМПО-МАКСИ» предназначен для предприятий, ориентированных на выпуск больших объёмов высококачественной продукции. Возможность работы при температурах до минус 4°С позволяет получать на шприцах серии «МАКСИ» высококачественный продукт без пор и с красивым рисунком на срезе, а уникальная технология «Вакуум+» позволяет добиться на нашем оборудовании полного отсутствия эффекта «фаршевой газировки». 
Vacuum execution: Yes 
Voltage: 400 V
Rated power: 19.5 kW
Hopper content: 270 l
Linker available: Yes 
Dimensions: 2230 1870 3070 
Weight: 1200 kg
Syringes vacuum KOMPO-MAXI of a series 3000-10, 3000-11, 3000-12, 3000-13 Advantages: high productivity and quality when stuffing all types of sausages; a high degree of evacuation of minced meat, eliminating the presence of porosity in all types of sausages; preserving the forcemeat pattern under the shell and at the cut of the loaf aggregation with a clipper of any manufacturer; increased durability of the working bodies due to the original design of the displacer screws; effective work on liquid minced meat through the use of the "Vacuum +" mode; programmable control system with graphic touch panel; picking an additional pair of special screws allows you to work with non-evacuated minced meat; versatility, ease of maintenance, reliability and low financial costs during operation. https://kompo.by/ru/node/196
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“COMPO” is a successful Belarusian enterprise whose equipment is exported to 5 continents and to mor...
e than 45 countries of the world. KOMPO specializes in the manufacture of equipment for filling, twisting, portioning meat products. It produces meat processing equipment for food production. The company is characterized by high quality of manufactured equipment and unique processing technologies. What KOMPO company offers its customers: Rotary vacuum syringes, Screw screw syringes, Loading devices, Portioning devices, Devices
Brest, Беларусь, 224032, г. Брест, ул. Я. Купалы, д. 108д
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The machine building company Kompo is a major manufacturer of meat processing equ...

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