The machine building company Kompo is a major manufacturer of meat processing equipment. The enterprise was founded not so long ago – in 1991. At first it was supposed to produce technically complex spare parts for carpet looms of foreign manufacture. A few years later, the company even became a member of the international association of carpet-making companies.

How did Kompo start producing meat-processing equipment?

Since 1995 the company has started the production of meat processing equipment. The main task of the plant was the production of consumables needed for sealing of meat casings, dating packages of dairy or meat products, hanging sticks with products. In addition, the company produces piece loops, special U-shaped or continuous clips, and labeling tape.

Kompo product range is quite extensive, including:

  • Clippers used for sealing half-finished meat products, cheese or sausage goods, dry and paste-like products in special packets or casings;
  • lifters for loading forcemeat into vacuum fillers;
  • vacuum filler for producing sausage goods;
  • portioning machines for producing frankfurters;
  • frozen food blocks flakers.


The high-alloy steel is used for the production of components and the basic parts of equipment. This material used for fasteners. It is characterized by its strength, corrosion resistance and the ability to remain intact even in aggressive acid or alkaline environments.

What is special in buying  Kompo equipment?

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