The German company AUTOTHERM has manufactured high-quality equipment for heat-treatment of meat products since 1949. More than 60 years of experience have enabled the company to manufacture equipment demanded by a large number of food producers.

Multi-functional heat-treatment equipment from AUTOTHERM

Originally the idea was to create the technology enabling the production of sausage with long shelf life. Elaborations of the founders and designers were embodied in universal machinery, based on the principles of automation during heat treatment. Smoking and cooking machines have been continuously developed since the 50s, and today the company offers high-tech equipment with a variety of technical advantages. Embedded systems allow the production of almost all types of sausage products.

AUTOTHERM machines are designed for the following processes:

  • Cold and hot smoking;
  • drying;
  • boiling;
  • eddening.


The machines are fitted with ventilation systems, measurement and control of temperature and humidity, smoke generators and cooling systems. In order to meet individual customer requirements the company can additionally equip the machines with rotation speed regulator for uniform processing of products, as well as an additional heater for grilling meat at temperatures up to 150 degrees.

The machines are manufactured with both vertical and tunnel loading; and the automatic door opening system makes the machines safe. Official representative offices of the company provide the customers with high quality warranty service.

AUTOTHERM machines in our catalog

We present the range of AUTOTHERM systems for cold and hot smoking. You can buy heat-treatment equipment on Foodbay board.