Vacuum Systems

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A plant using several separate pumps can significantly improve working conditions. For this purpose it is recommended to buy vacuum systems characterized by energy saving qualities. For selecting and purchasing of the equipment of this kind with different configurations, please visit Foodbay.

How to select and buy vacuum systemsVacuum System

Centralized installations are successfully used not only in meat industry, they are also popular in agricultural, food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. They help to carry out circulation and air injection, getting rid of dust and other manufacturing processes.

Industrial vacuum systems are characterized by the following advantages:

  • They reduce energy costs;
  • they improve the convenience of labor conditions;
  • they prolong the term of operation of pumping equipment;
  • they reduce the level of noise in the working premises.

In meat industry this equipment works in conjunction with cutters, mince meat mixers, stuffers. Grinding, mixing, filling of coatings are carried out in a vacuum atmosphere. This prevents oxidation of minced meat, which improves its qualitative characteristics and increases the shelf life of products. Filling of coatings under the influence of vacuum eliminates the formation of empty spots in sausage products.

The design of the device allows you to serve several production lines and working areas at once. The installation is controlled automatically. The operator controls the operation of each component, the levels of temperature and pressure, power consumption and other indicators. Every pump is supplied with an individual sensor.

Devices differ in the principle of operation of the equipment and the degree of air vacuity. The most common of them are medium-and high-vacuum ones. The installation can be additionally equipped with an on/off timer.

Where to buy a high-quality vacuum system

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