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So that to create a vacuum atmposphere in a production environment, you will need to buy a vacuum pump. The equipment is used for dehydration, drying, removing oxygen from the products in food industry. You can purchase such devices of different configurations on the Foodbay web site.

How to select and buy a vacuum pump: types and prices of the equipment

The principle of operation of the installations is based on the formation of low pressure area and creation of draft. They are used for pumping neutral gases, pure and contaminated air. If you need to buy a vacuum pump, the price is formed taking into account the modifications of the device and its parameters. Vacuum Pump

There are the following types of installations:

  • Segmented rotor devices;
  • Diaphragm-piston devices;
  • Water-packed devices.

The equipment is used in the production of minced meat, sausage products, packaging of products. The installation working in conjunction with cutters shreds raw materials. Jointly with mince meat mixers pumps it forms a homogeneous mass. The vacuum atmosphere created by the device prevents the formation of oxidative processes and the development of pathogenic micro-organisms. This improves the quality and increases the shelf life of products.

The installations are widely applied in the stuffers that fill coatings with minced meat. The vacuum atmosphere prevents air getting from getting into sausage products and formation of empty spots. They are also applied in packaging installations. Vacuum devices are used to remove air from the containers with products. Due to this, the conditions of products storage are improved.

You can buy a used industrial vacuum pump at a competitive price on the Foodbay web site. This kind of equipment is used in the installations for shredding and processing of meat, packaging machines, filtration devices and other systems. When you select an installation, you should pay attention to the necessary degree of air vacuity, the amount and composition of the penetrating gases, the range of working pressure, etc.

Where to buy a used vacuum pump

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