Vacuum Miscellaneous Equipment

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Uninterrupted operation of meat processing enterprises often requires purchasing vacuum equipment. It is used in the processes of preparation of raw materials and packaging of finished products. These installations are mounted on other equipment of departments. They can be purchased on the Foodbay web site by selecting the needed parameters and specifications.

The sale of vacuum equipment and pumps Vakuum pumps

The equipment creating a vacuum atmosphere works with such devices as cutters, mixers, tumblers etc. It ensures quick and high-quality execution of processes at the food industry enterprises. The dimensions, performance and other characteristics of vacuum equipment affect its price.

The specific feature of the application of such equipment is a number of positive aspects. The operation of these devices excludes the aeration of raw materials and reduces the possibility of oxidation. The size and number of micropores are smaller after the operation of a mince meat mixer and a cutter jointly with this type of equipment. Besides, hydraulic vacuum equipment allows to achieve a high degree of refining of meat fibers. Thanks to this, high-quality minced meat with increased moisture-retaining characteristics is obtained. The use of this kind of raw materials in the manufacturing of sausages provides a good density of products.

The Foodbay web site presents the following manufacturers of vacuum equipment:

  • POSS;
  • Tepro;
  • Busch;
  • Dupps;
  • Freund;
  • DVP Vacuum Technology.

These installations are also used for packing by compression, filtering and degasification of air, pumping fluids, etc. In addition to food industry, they are used in pharmaceutical, textile and transportation industries.

The visitors are offered to view the information about various brands and their products. There is a possibility to download a price-list of the company of interest.

Where to purchase food vacuum equipment

Foodbay is an international platform created for the sale or purchase of the necessary equipment. Customers can post free advertisements on the sale of their products. Here you can find vacuum equipment with the necessary specifications at an affordable price. You can view the available catalogues of brands producing such devices.