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The Foodbay web portal is a specialized platform, where users can find a meat trimmer, automatic knives and other types of equipment needed for filleting, back fat removal, films removal, other processing of raw materials for meat-processing production.

The use of meat trimmersTrimmers

A meat trimmer is considered to be the most appropriate technological tool for carrying out a variety of labor-intensive operations due to its versatility and convenience in use. The tool can be used for the following works:

  • The removal of hides, films, fat deposits from  bones and meat after  its processing  by the machine for hide pulling and filleting;
  • Cutting the brands from carcasses;
  • Processing of products of any shape.

Trimmers can be brought to working condition by an electric or pneumatic drive. Tools are differentiated by the diameter of the cutting element (35-128 mm), shape and the material of the handle.

Features of the purchase of a meat trimmer at Foodbay

For the convenience of its users the web site provides an opportunity to search with the application of filters. Each user can view the information on the presented equipment, contact the author of the advertisement, post his/her comments and advertisements. If the cost of the offer is not indicated, it can be clarified by contacting the author of the advertisement via the form offered by the platform.