Hide Pulling Machine

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Automation of production ensures high performance of an enterprise. Each process - from killing cattle to the manufacturing of semi-finished products - is provided with the necessary equipment. These include hide pulling machines used in meat industry. The devices are installed after cutting equipment before further processing of meat.

A hide pulling machine - price and features Hide Pulling Machine

Working with meat products, it is important to separate the hide from the carcass with the minimal amount of waste. Performing this process manually is too labor-consuming and takes a lot of time. A hide pulling machine for pigs should be applied for these purposes at production units. There are several types of such installations. They are divided into three categories: manual, semi-automatic, automatic.

Modern installations are provided with the following features:

  • The adjustment of section height is available, which provides the required thickness of the hide;
  • the pneumatic system makes it possible to work with different types of raw materials;
  • the adjustable head is designed to work with a variety of products;
  • a modular band being a part of the set can be adjusted at one’s sole discretion;
  • all components are made of corrosion-resistant materials.

The meat is fed into the device via a conveyor line. Then it is placed under the knives with the use of a clamping device. The equipment allows to work with such raw materials as backs and abdominal fat, shoulders etc. Big rounded parts of carcasses are processed manually.

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Where to buy a used hide pulling machine

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