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The saw for cutting carcasses is intended for cross-cutting, rip-sawing or batch cutting of cattle carcasses. Such equipment is deemed necessary even with small production capacities, because it helps to optimize production processes in killing departments, as well as in the departments of meat and poultry primary processing.

Main categories of saws for cutting carcassesSaws

Inefficient and energy-consuming models of specialized equipment and installation for cutting carcasses and poultry have gradually gave way to the market of high-performance technological models of domestic and foreign manufacture. You can find attractive offers on the sale of the following types of saws for cutting carcasses in a special section of the Foodbay Internet platform:

  • Circular saws with an electric drive. Used for cutting carcasses of cattle and pigs;
  • A band saw for cutting carcasses. Used for work with frozen carcasses;
  • Cutting saws with a pneumatic drive;
  • Saws for semi-carcass cutting;
  • Saws for breast opening;
  • Universal automatic knives (make it possible to cut meat into large chops);
  • Other types of cutting equipment and installations.

All presented products are the original models from the leading manufacturers: BEGARAT, Efa, Komel etc. The catalogue is constantly changing in connection with the arrival of new offers. The registered users of the web site have the opportunity to track new products through alerts in their “Personal Account”.

How to buy a saw for cutting carcasses

The prices set on the circular saws for cutting carcasses may vary depending on the characteristics and brands of the equipment. In order to purchase them, you can contact the seller via the provided form. The page with the advertisement contains the address of the web site where you can receive up-to-date information about each type of products.