Stunning Equipment

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The equipment for stunning animals before killing is used to immobilize the cattle. Depending on the method, the devices provide mechanical, electrical or chemical impact. The necessary device is chosen taking this fact into account. You can purchase various devices of such purpose on the Foodbay web platform.

What equipment is used for stunning cattle Stunning Equipment

The immobilization process itself is produced in special boxes, they have different constructions and parameters. Their dimensions depend on the animals to be stunned. With the use boxes the cattle is fixed in a stationary position.

The quality of products depends on the properly conducted stunning process. The state of shock and fear of animals has a negative impact on the meat. Cattle stiffens, which complicates the exsanguination of carcasses. Haemorrhaging may occur. This leads to the stiffness of meat, the deterioration of its structure and appearance. These products not only have worse characteristics, but also a shorter shelf life. Therefore, the process of preparing the carcasses for further cutting must be carried out with application of modern devices.

The following equipment is used for stunning animals before killing:

  • Electric tongs;
  • powder guns;
  • air guns;
  • installations working on carbon dioxide.

Electric devices affect the animals by the electrical current, immobilizing them. The tongs supplied with an automatic device adjusting to the cattle species. Powder guns damage the brains of cattle, due to which animals feel no pain. Unconscious state of the animals facilitates their killing and cutting.

The Foodbay web site presents the products of the following brands: Freund, Jianhua Food Machinery, Karl Schnell. The devices offered differ in impact methods and parameters.

Where to buy the equipment used for stunning cattle

Foodbay is an international web resource where you can find the right equipment. Examine the available list of brands producing this kind of devices. Visitors can examine the offers of other participants and post their own free advertisements offerring their goods.