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A whole cycle of carcasses cutting consists of several sequential processes. Sanitary procedures at the plant are of great importance. A machine for carcasses washing is one of the devices ensuring the purity of products. Exsanguinated raw materials are fed into the machine for its preparation for further processing.

Description of the equipmentDescription of the equipment

Depending on the design, there are two types of washing machines: brushing and beating ones. Both types of devices are supplied with rotating vertical shafts. Carcasses go in between them for processing. The first design has brushes attached to these shafts. A thorough washing is performed with their help. A beating machine for carcasses washing performs the following processes:

  • Thorough cleaning with the use of rubber whips attached to shafts;
  • removal of impurities by a water shower under pressure;
  • improvement of the process with the help of fanning the carcasses.

Structural components of the equipment are made of acid-resistant stainless steel. The whole process is fully automated, which minimizes human contact with products. Unlike manual carcasses washing, water saving is observed. Moreover, the use of such installations accelerates the work of departments. The machine can process up to 150 carcasses per hour. The water for washing is heated and given under pressure. This guarantees the high quality of the processes performed. The construction is easily disassembled and cleaned.

Where to buy the machines for washing carcasses

The advertisements on the sale of the equipment for meat industry, including machines for washing carcasses, are posted on the Foodbay web site. The platform’s visitors are able to select a product of a particular brand, find out interesting information about the company. To find out the price of the necessary equipment, you can download a price-list. The web site has a special form for communicating with the author of the advertisement. The phone number of the equipment seller is also provided.