Auxiliary Equipment and Inventory

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Heat treatment of raw materials is used during the process of cooking sausages. In addition to the basic devices, auxiliary equipment and inventory are applied for such processes. The devices speed up the work and make it more efficient. The necessary devices with different parameters can be purchased on the Foodbay web site.

Auxiliary equipment used in meat industry Auxiliary Equipment and Inventory

In order to work with meat, you will need special inventory and equipment. They are made of stainless steel materials. Upon their contact with products, the latter should not be subject to oxidative processes.

The Foodbay web site offers the following types of auxiliary equipment for meat departments:

  • Serving tables;
  • smoking rods;
  • steam cooking sets;
  • smoking trolleys.

Such devices should be strong enough, easy to clean and wash. Serving tables are made of stainless steel. In order to avoid blood flowing on the sides of products, the devices are provided with side boards. Some models are equipped with a shelf for placing the inventory.

Smoking trolleys are also made of stainless steel materials. The number of shelves may differ in different versions. The trolleys are equipped with wheels for the ease of moving.

Steam cooking sets are used for making meat products. With their help raw materials are given the desired taste and external characteristics. Devices of various modifications differ in steam flow, dimensions, nominal pressure of the pot.

The price of serving tables, smoking inventory and other inventory depends on their parameters and configurations. For choosing the right device on the web site, please use the search filter. Visitors are offered the products of such brands as Vemag Anlagenbau GmbH, Abat, Novotherm.

Where to buy a serving table, smoking rods and trolleys

Foodbay is a specialized platform publishing the advertisements of the sale of auxiliary equipment of different configurations. The web site’s visitors are given the opportunity to post a free request for purchase of a needed device. Those who wish to learn the details of the web site operation may contact an online expert.