Industrial freezing chamber

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In order to prepare raw materials for storage at sub-zero temperatures, you need a freezing chamber. This equipment is used for deep and quick freezing of various products. It can be found at enterprises producing ice cream, various semi-finished products or confectionery products.Industrial freezing chamber

How does a quick industrial freezing chamber work?

A standard deep-freeze chamber consists of the chamber itself, as well as storage modules. Modern devices are often complemented by specialized computer panels that allow you to control the process of storage and cooling. Air circulation is compulsory for such equipment, which ensures a uniform distribution of cold around the refrigerator.

Freezing chambers of deep freeze use the technology of blast freezing which has many benefits, including:

  • fast cooling procedure;
  • the safety of structure of food products, because the tissues do not crystallize, except for minor dehydration;
  • the integrity of the structure of food products and their beautiful looks;
  • meat freezing chambers do not let the disease-causing micro-organisms evolve;
  • long storage period;
  • the possibility to enlarge the range of products without significant additional costs;
  • the possibility to store a greater volume of products, which facilitates the work of companies or enterprises of public catering.

Once you have bought a deep-freeze chamber, do not forget about the rules of storage. For example, it is very important to freeze the products only once, because in case of repeated freezing they may lose their useful properties, as well as vitamins. And in case of improper storage of fish, poultry or other types of meat, bacteria may start evolving, having a negative impact on the human body.

Where to buy a deep-freeze chamber?

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