Effective Cooling Chamber

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A modern effective cooling chamber is needed to complete the production cycle of cooking gourmet foods of meat or sausage products. It allows you to cool down smoked meat, fish or other products after heat treatment in the shortest possible time. This equipment is used in industrial or handicraft manufacture of smoked products.

Advantages of the chambers for cooling meatEffective Cooling Chamber

Cooling of the finished product is essential, as well as the process of its heat treatment, because they affect the final quality of the product. The effective cooling chamber for sausages has numerous advantages, which include the following:

  • minor losses in the weight of finished products;
  • reduction of the time required for products’ cooling;
  • significant improvement of products’ coloring;
  • uniform cooling of the products on different tiers;
  • long-term storage of finished products;
  • complete readiness of products allows you to immediately package them.

Besides, the application of effective cooling chambers as temporary warehouses is considered very popular. They allow you to store the goods at the right temperature regime.

The following techniques are used during cooling:

  • showering;
  • cooled air;
  • fog;
  • impulsive showering.

Thanks to the right combination or alternation of these functions, it is possible to get the maximum effect from the above-mentioned advantages. Effective cooling chambers for sausages can be used to achieve the desired temperature indicators for products packaged in special air-proof coatings. They also cool down boiled and smoked sausages, semi-smoked sausages, as well as other meat gourmet foods.

You can select an individual program with the help of a special control system for the preparation of each product, and then completely control the process. This provides the complete automation of the process of cooking meat and fish gourmet products.

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