Tunnel Container Washer

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Automatic tunnel container washers are characterized by their continuous circulating operation. They provide the right sanitary condition of containers used in the production process, their hygiene, as well as reduce the time spent on the washing of containers. These installations are special for their high performance and can greatly facilitate the work of any enterprise.

Operation of container washersTunnel Container Washer

Modern washing machines for boxes and other containers have a closed system with a circulating liquid. They have two areas: the main procedure is performed in the first one, and the containers are sprayed with flowing water in the second one. The equipment can be of right-side or left-side versions. An inspection window and a remote control are located on the outside of the devices. If containers are served with their front side on the left, then it is a left-side version.

A standard container washer is equipped with a conveyor of chain principle of operation for the transportation of containers. In order to control the speed of the conveyor movement, a special frequency controller is used.

The equipment is optionally equipped with the following modules:

  • air-flow of clean containers;
  • a pass-through boiler;
  • a remote filter;
  • a proportioning system for the washing solution.

Additional modules help to efficiently use the existing premises and enhance the performance of devices, however, this slightly increases the prices for container washers.

The result of the powerful mechanical impact is a sufficiently high equipment performance. This is possible with the help of a high-performance circulation pump. It transmits the washing liquid from the special reservoir to the injector nozzles. The web site presents used container washers from famous manufacturers, including:

  • Kompo;
  • Abat;
  • Karpowicz;
  • Unikon and many others.

A wide range of products and the easy search allow you to quickly and easily find the right equipment.

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