Shoe Washer

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Before entering the production departments, personnel must undergo sanitary treatment procedures. Such activities include sanitization of special clothing. The process provides protection of premises against penetration of bacteria which may remain on the clothes. For this purpose an industrial shoe washer is used at the enterprises of food industry.

Industrial shoe washers, cleaners and dryers Shoe Washer

The devices for sanitization are established on the territory of a sanitary inspection center. Thus, you cannot enter the enterprise without prior preparation. Shoe soles may contain bacteria, in addition to dirt. Compliance with sanitary standards is required in the departments where meat is being processed. Any bacteria coming in contact with food products are unacceptable. Therefore, shoe cleaning equipment is an indispensable element of a sanitary inspection center.

The category includes the following devices:

  • Sole-cleaning installations;
  • an industrial shoe dryer;
  • sanitary stations;
  • sole-washing installations.

All equipment is made of stainless steel.

A sanitary inspection center provides automatic cleaning of safety shoes. The employees go through the device at the sanitary inspection center upon entering and exiting the departments. A brush included into the equipment construction cleans the soles and sidepieces of boots. Water with a washing agent is fed into the device in the course of its operation. The use of special solutions guarantees high-quality bacterial purification of clothes.

In addition to industrial cleaning devices, it is needed to purchase a shoe dryer. After a shift the safety shoes of employees undergo cleaning. At the end of the process it is necessary to get rid of moisture. That’s why dryers are used. The process is carried out by the means of pumped warm air with addition of ozone. This ensures disinfection of boots and protection against pathogenic bacteria.

Where to purchase cleaning equipment

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