Washers for Smoking Rods

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After the processing of meat products in a smoking chamber all equipment must be thoroughly cleaned. There are special tools and devices for this purpose. These installations include washers for smoking rods. With their help it is easier to deal with impurities and clean up surfaces.

Features of washingWashers for Smoking Rods

Sanitary and hygienic procedures are mandatory for the departments of meat-processing industry. During the process of smoking the applied equipment gets covered with grease, soot, tar. This is a very severe contamination; you cannot cope with it in a usual way. Products are hung on special devices before loading into the machine. After being used these are heavily covered with fat and soot. In order to clean them, washers for smoking rods are used.

The process consists of several stages:

  • The required number of rods is loaded into the device. The standard is indicated in the device’s specifications.
  • A washing agent is added in a special reservoir. Special industrial formulae are used.
  • After the launch of the installation water is poured into the reservoir. After the reservoir is filled, the water is heated to the desired temperature with the use of heating coils. Some time is taken by soaking in the solution.
  • Then the drum begins to spin. The products within are touching each other and are cleaned better this way.
  • After the completion of the process the dirty water is removed.
  • In conclusion, products undergo a thorough spraying with pure water.

The agents used for washing are able to cope with any kind of impuities. In addition, they disinfect surfaces, preventing the spreading of pathogenic microorganisms. The devices are made of corrosion-resistant materials.

Where to find the price for the washers of smoking rods

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