Equipment for Preparation of Brine for Meat

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During meat processing manufacturers add different ingredients, so that to improve the taste, texture, color, increase the weight of the finished product. Brine for meat is the mixture of functional ingredients: coloring agents, spices, preservatives. Brines can have various difficulty levels.

Application of brines for meatEquipment for Preparation of Brine for Meat

In order to prepare sausages, ham and other meat products, a special installation mixing the following ingredients is required:

  • Salt;
  • Sugar;
  • Water;
  • Natural spices;
  • Thickener;
  • Acidity regulator.

The design of such equipment may be:

  • Simple, consisting of a container, a circular pump and a drain part. The operating principle is based on pumping brine.
  • complex, consisting of a mixing installation and a container with a pump. Thanks to the mixing device, you can obtain a high-quality solution that will be characterized by the absence of fractions sticking together. The brine temperature during the cooking process will not rise, that will have a positive impact on its quality. This technique will allow you to it prepare high-quality brine for meat smoking.

Next step is filling meat with brine in accordance with the technological features of meat products manufacturing.

The brine for hams will be different from the brine for smoked meat in its composition, so the principle of cooking and the order of laying components will be different.

High-quality equipment for the preparation of brine for smoked meat

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