In addition to the basic types of installations, the production of semi-finished products requires application of miscellaneous equipment. It is used in public catering organizations. You can find an installation for a small diner or a large restaurant on the Foodbay web site. They differ in performance and other specifications.

The use of miscellaneous equipment for semi-finished productsMiscellaneous Equipment for sausage production

Public catering organizations are characterized by a large number of visitors. Therefore, the tasks of such businesses include fast cooking and feeding its consumers with hot dishes. This also requires the preparation of raw materials, kitchen utensils and inventory. Thus you cannot do without special equipment here.

The following equipment will be useful for such organizations:

  • Peeling machines;
  • height-adjusting machines;
  • installations for cooking hotdogs;
  • mini-plants for manufacturing of sausages, etc.

Cheese and sausage products are often used in cooking of various dishes. But before you use them, you need to remove the coatings. In order to automate and speed up the process, peeling machines are used.

Quick production of semi-finished products requires height-adjusting machines. They help to mold the products with the same parameters for the production of hamburgers, steaks, rolls, etc. You can organize a small business having only one installation for cooking hotdogs, they are also used at small fast food establishments. Thanks to these devices, you can cook delicious hotdogs.

Mini-plants are offered for the manufacture of sausage products. Their small size allows in install them in small rooms.

Where to buy miscellaneous equipment for public catering enterprises

Foodbay is a specialized platform where you can easily find equipment for public catering organizations of any size. Here you can view the advertisements on the sale new and used equipment. If the needed installation is not available at the moment, visitors have the opportunity to post a request for purchasing it.