Mince Meat Mixers

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A mince meat mixer allows you to obtain high-quality meat products in strict accordance with the technological process. The purchase of a minced meat mixer is recommended to food meat processing plants, small enterprises manufacturing sausage products, public catering organizations.

Purchase and sale of minced meat mixersMince Meat Mixers

When you purchase an installation, the following specifications of a mince meat mixer are important:

  • Performance;
  • Overall dimensions;
  • Trough volume;
  • Mixing speed;
  • and others.

Making of a certain kind of meat product will require compliance with the technology. Today consumers can purchase both vacuum and open devices. These types of installations will differ not only in basic technical specifications, but in price indicators. Other important things include control principle, the presence of controllable automatic cycle, total capacity for loading of raw materials.

Vacuum grinder/ mince meat mixer is high-performance equipment designed for the homogeneous mixing of compositions and obtaining minced meat from raw materials with the addition of other ingredients and spices.

When you choose minced meat mixers, you should consider which kind of products you are going to produce and which raw materials will be used. Paddle-type models are suitable for the manufacture of smoked, raw smoked sausages, ham. Spiral models are recommended for those who plan to produce sausages and boiled sausages.

The purchase of new and used mince meat mixers

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