Frozen Meat Cutter

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The acceleration of processes in the manufacturing of meat products helps to enhance production capacities. The profitability of the enterprise directly depends on this. If you do not want to wait for defrostation of meat for its further processing, use a frozen meat cutter. The special machine allows you to cut products into pieces of the necessary size.

Frozen meat cutter - specifications Frozen Meat Cutter

The device also known as shredder grinds frozen pieces of products. Thanks to this, you may avoid waiting for meat defrostation, you don’t need to spend money on defrostation machines. When raw-smoked products are produced, minced meat with the temperature of 2 degrees Celsius is used. This is possible only with the use of a frozen meat cutter. In addition, shredding meat inside of the device preserves its taste. All this happens due to the fact that the juice stays in the product for a longer time.

Depending on the design, there are two types of these installations:

  • Guillotine devices are equipped with knives: longitudinal and transverse ones. The product is pushed through the cutting surface of the tools. Its pushing is performed by the means of its own weight or by using a pushing mechanism.
  • Rotary devices are equipped with transverse knives located on drums. Shredding of products occurs during rotation of one or two rotors. Pushing of frozen pieces of meat is also performed by a pushing mechanism or under their own weight.

The choice of an installation depends on the products. The guillotine type is suitable for obtaining large pieces of meat for semi-finished products and sausages. It preserves the structure of the product’s fibers. Small meat plates for making minced meat are produced by a rotary device.

An important role in the choice of the device is played by its power. The higher it is, the higher the price of a frozen meat cutter is. A guillotine installation with a production capacity of up to 5 tons/hour is enough for small enterprises. Major manufacturers are recommended to buy rotary installations processing at least 30 tons/hour.

Where a frozen meat cutter is sold

The Foodbay international web site offers to place advertisements on the sale or purchase of equipment. Here you can buy various devices, including frozen meat cutters from manufacturers at an affordable price. The web site contains the information about each brand and product it is selling. You can also download a price-list and learn the price of the goods.