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Unicons Lacto Preservative

3 300 Р.



Select industry: Meat industry, Dairy industry, Bread-making and confectionary equipment 
Condition: New 
Additional Information: предоплата, доставка транспортной, наличие товара на складе 
Sour dairy products? Is pasteurization and sterilization of milk not for you? Then you definitely need Unicons Lacto. Unicons Lacto is a special preservative for dairy products. Unicons Lacto will delay the souring of dairy products by 20-30%. This remarkable effect was achieved by the developers of the preservative from the Saratov NGO Alternative. For this, the molecules of the most popular antibacterial agents (lysozyme and low) were placed in a special shell and organized the “targeted delivery” of the drug directly to the lactic acid bacteria. By the way, thanks to this method, “Unicons Lacto” has a long-lasting effect, because the lysozyme / nizim molecules react only to lactobacilli. And while Unicons Lacto does not meet with them, the shell does not collapse, that is, the drug does not work idle. To summarize. Unicons Lacto is a special preservative against lactic acid bacteria. It is much more economical than such methods of combating milk spoilage as pasteurization and sterilization. Unicons Lacto compares favorably with low and lysozyme in price - it is cheaper, and in properties - it is more effective. Unicons Lacto is a preservative not only for dairy products, but, in principle, for all food products where products are sour due to the destructive activity of lactic acid bacteria.
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