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Lamb chereva 22/24, 5 m

Select industry: Food packaging 
Condition: New 
Additional Information: Ростов-на-Дону, Коммунистический проспект 32\3 ТЦ "Западный" 8-800-700-11-89 
The package is 5 meters. 0.3 ... 0.4 kg is placed in one meter of the belly. minced meat. The price is for 1 package. In our assortment there are enlarged packings of mutton skew caliber 22/24: 10m and 91.44m; also Lamb turn of quality EXTRA 91.44m. The best shell (gut) for thin sausages such as "Hunter", suitable for homemade sausages. For frying in a pan, they are usually folded with beautiful spirals. Attention! Please note that for stuffing this round, it is necessary to use a thin nozzle for a mutton round (a nozzle for a meat grinder) with a diameter of 18 mm. Manually - without a forearm, it is very difficult to do. Examples of sausage recipes prepared using this shell for sausage - lamb stew: Lamb sausages grills, Holiday sausages, Holiday fried sausages. Only thin mincemeats are stuffed through this pin (nozzle for lamb and sausage casing) - 3-8 mm loose on the grill, slices of bacon must be no more than 5 mm, otherwise the minced meat will get stuck in the pin while stuffing, and the appearance will “grind” in the meat grinder will be non-standard. For quick stuffing of sausages, we suggest using a sausage syringe, here is an example. We draw your attention to the fact that when stored in heat, especially in the summer, due to high temperatures, the color of the lamb shell can change from white to gray. This does not affect the quality and shelf life.
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