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  • 8 April 2016, номер: 10764

Multifunctional shredders CrozzDicR Foodlogistik Capacity 120

1 Р.



Select industry: Meat industry 
Condition: New 
Voltage: 400 V
Rated power: 11.3 kW
Productivity: 3200 kg/h
Grid dimensions cutting, mm: 0-50 
Dimensions: 3500х1505х2065  
Weight: 1700 kg
Capacity grinders are designed for grinding meat and bacon in large industries. The equipment is fully automated and allows for shredding, cutting raw materials into cubes, strips or pieces. The cross cutting knife has automatic control, which reduces costs and operating time, and also makes it possible to automate the flow of the product. Stainless steel grill sets are designed for the most demanding loads. It is possible to unload the chopped raw materials into a 200-liter trolley directly installed near the equipment, or use a conveyor belt (option). Lower sanitation costs to achieve the best hygiene standards are achieved by minimizing product residues and easy access to all parts of the equipment. The cross cutting knife, guides and the entire cutting set can be easily and quickly removed without the use of additional tools.
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Foodlogistik is a German manufacturer that for over 40 years has specialized in the design and manuf...
acture of high-performance machines for grinding meat products, cheese and vegetables into cubes, straws, slices, etc. To date, the Foodlogistik range is represented by more than 20 multi-functional machines of various capacities.
Neubrandenburg, Foodlogistik Fleischereimaschinen GmbH Adolph-Kolping-Straße 15 D-17034 Neubrandenburg
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For more than 40 years Foodlogistik specializes in manufacture of equipment for c...

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