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Tekhno Group LLC (including PromKom LLC) presents you the most modern meat processing equipment from leading European manufacturers, consumables and spare parts, professional service, including installation supervision, commissioning, maintenance and repair (including equipment already available at the enterprise). Equipment for the thermal processing of sausages and delicacies (Mauting)  Equipment for the preparation of raw materials (Foodlogistik, Castellvall, Fatosa, Ogalsa, Fomaco, Cato, Karl Schnell, Icematic)  Massaging, injection (Ogalsa, Cato, Karpowicz, Schröder)  Semi-finished products Deighton)  Packaging and clipping (Roscher, Webomatic, Henkovac, Henkelman, Maga, Tipper Tie Technopack)  Sanitation and hygiene (Roser, Brokelmann)  Hinges and clips for clippers (Uniclip) We offer our customers a full range of services for commissioning food production, including: - development of a technological project; - a complete set and delivery of equipment; - installation and commissioning, instruction, development of technological programs and recipes; - warranty and after-sales service; - supply of spare parts; - repurchase of old equipment, supply of refurbished at the factory or at the factories of our partners. .