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Modular furnace Salva NXD-20

1 Р.



Select industry: Bread-making and confectionary equipment 
Condition: New 
Voltage: 400 V
Rated power: 19.8 kW
Type: Electricity 
Number of modules:
Dimensions (WxDxH) max, mm: 1421x1593x200 
Weight: 70 kg
Every professional baker knows what the secret of good pizza is, it's dough. Taking into account this information, Salva carefully approached the issue of equipping all its ovens with the best components, and applying technical features that meet all the necessary conditions and requirements for the implementation of a high-quality pizza baking process. Thanks to the absolute temperature control in the lower and upper parts of the baking chamber of Salva modular ovens, the output of the product is of impeccable quality. The surface of the baking chamber of modular pizza ovens is fireproof, withstanding temperatures of 375 ° С, so fresh pizza dough is baked in 4-5 minutes, and previously prepared pizza bases are baked in 2-3 minutes. DOORS IN FURNACES FOR PIZZA BAKING All modular ovens designed for baking pizza are equipped with a special door with panoramic glass that can withstand high temperatures.
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The Spanish brand Salva is a leading global manufacturer of static and rotary ovens, proofers for ba...
king bakery, confectionery, and cooking. The unique technology and quality of the products offered will satisfy the most demanding confectioners and bakers.
Girona, SALVA INDUSTRIAL S.A. GI-636 Km. 6 Polígono 107 E-20100 Lezo, Guipúzcoa
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Испанская фирма Salva лидирует на рынке промышленно-технологического оборудования...

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