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Wall-mounted hand sanitizer ASP-HF-02

Select industry: Meat industry 
Condition: New 
Version: Not chosen 
Designed for hand disinfection. Consists of a hand disinfection module and an entry control module. Hand disinfection module. The disinfectant is automatically supplied when you bring your hands into the photocell area using an electric pump through 4 nozzles (two on the top and two on the bottom, to reduce processing time). Input Control Module. It is necessary to take steps to disinfect hands and shoes, after which the turnstile is unlocked for passage to the workshop. Exit from the production area remains blocked by the turnstile.
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Основными направлениями работы завода "ASP-group" является производство полного ассортимента санпро...
пускников для санитарного контроля и гигиенической обработки персонала.
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