In 1971, Bernard Inoue founded the company VC999 in Herisau in Switzerland and released his first machine. Now the company is known worldwide as a manufacturer of a variety of vacuum packaging devices. In 1975, it got the name, which means "Vacuum Capacity 99.9%", which is a very high indicator of quality and performance.

VC999 products differences

The range of devices produced by the company is quite extensive, it includes:

  • Vacuum chamber equipment;
  • machines for thermos-shaping;
  • for drying;
  • device for various products packing into the finished trays.


A small chamber device can be used in the kitchen of a small restaurant, while protecting products and simplifying the work. Large-sized equipment is suitable for use in industrial scale. The chamber is placed directly in the lid, allowing the baseplate cleaning made of stainless steel. Due to high pressure, the packaging becomes reliable, even if there is a rough crease.

Depending on their size, VC999 thermo-shaping machine can pack both small and large production volumes. Some models of equipment can do the packing of film rolls and place the products in vacuum or modified atmosphere.

Packers handle different types of packages with speeds up to 200 packages per minute. All the equipment can work automatically or manually.

Using packaging solutions of the company, reliable products preservation can be provided as well as and the attention of potential buyers can be attracted with the help of vivid images.

VC999 packaging device buying and you won’t regret

The company VC999 continuously develops and improves its products for the packaging, therefore buying the equipment everyone can be confident in the quality and reliability of devices. Buy wrapping machine directly, either agreeing with the representatives of the company.